Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Please Help...

I am writing this with a heavy heart as you are all aware that the Tsunami and earthquake that has hit Japan affecting so many. It is times like that that you see everyone uniting together with true spirits to overcome the worst and see the bright at the end. 

If you're wondering what can be done i am now sincerely requesting all scrappers out there to help what you can by doing what you do best and that is to make a card or altered stuff so that Tomoko help to sell your stuff online in order to gain sufficient funds to help out those that are in need.

For more infomation please go on to her blog for more details.

As i will be sending some cards over do let me know if postage is of an issue i am willing to send them over for you (if you are in Singapore)  please email me at

Good nights....

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