Monday, August 9, 2010

MWL Layout of the Week!

Boy am i sooo Happy! was trying to complete an album that i started over this weekend and was having some idea block and decided to take a break.

It has always been a habit of mine to always look at the Gallery every Sunday night where MWL  updates on Layout of the week.
Had been uploading my projects into the Gallery and at first was always hoping that mine would appear somehow *giggles* but after a while i know that there are so many outstanding projects out there so had not pin any hopes after a while.

And what a nice surprise i see my "Home Sweet Home* shadow box appear! was really shocked as i had always been a slow scrapper :) Even the Artist Tray took me a few weeks to complete, sometimes just staring at it haha. This shadow box was actually done in just 2 hours when DD was having some friends over and i decided to let them have sometime alone. (i know it was an excuse for me to have some scrapping time actually shhhh).

Anyway i am all in smiles now :D

Tata for now back to my Album!

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