Saturday, April 16, 2011

Butterflies in my Stomach

How have your saturday been? it has been raining heavily the whole afternoon with strong winds that made me shiver... 

Today i am sharing a layout using Prima BAP sketch this month which i had so much fun trying to put different collections together. As you see i love hoarding pretty papers and always not wanting to use them which ended being forgotten. This time round i decided to use some of the papers that i have been keeping to create this layout.  

The butterflies around the page actually pretty much tell how i feel at that moment lol nervous and it does felt like butterflies were fluttering inside my tummy.

The words are just so meaningful and beautiful " memories like a fresh breeze wisp through my mind warming my heart and refreshing my soul"

it reminded me how i felt at that moment while doing this page and it does warm my heart thinking about it. Thats the beauty of scrapbooking i always feel when i dig thru my tons of photos to find to create a page i never fail to stop at one or two photos and smiling to myself thinking about the day the photo was taken.

Have a fabulous Saturday!

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