Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Daily Inspiration - Mother's Day and Melissa Frances Part 2

Its Tuesday and my turn to share some inspiration with everyone, after the Melissa Frances workshop on Saturday all i can think of is how to create with all the wonderful techniques i have learn. Mother's Day is around the corner and what better then to do a stand up album so that she can display it at home. 


If there is one thing that i have discover after the workshop is that i never knew i love mica flakes that much! i love how it turns out when it is added to the edges of the album giving it more texture. It is also very easy to apply, first of all apply a thick layer of glue to desired area then pour the mica flakes and the results are just amazing. Try it!

How this album is created it is actually using just one 12x12 pattern paper, half the paper and then fold it into equal parts. Then join the two pieces together to form tis stand up album. Once i have fully complete the album by putting in pictures i will upload more pictures.

Have a Creative week ahead!

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