Friday, July 23, 2010


What can i say i simply Love Tim Holtz product! Lol have been longing to play with these dies eversince but was busy busy busy.
Anyway manage to steal some time off to create this card below. Did you notice the butterfly stamped background behind, it was actually embossed with Clear powder and inked with distressed ink! i really like how it turns out to be.
Had actually wanted this card to be a bit of a softer creamy look but some how it just dont seem right when i painted the heart white and it seems to be lost behind the cream cardstock and SO it turn out to be this rock style image card.
i was like thinking of a name for this card and was ransacking my brains for names and it turn out all so corny "fly my heart to you" or "my heart is with you" so DD was like try Soaring... so i go Soaring heart and think it sounded like Sore Heart.
Finally after going thru this tormenting session DD said how about Soaring Love and so it shall be i said.
This Menu stand below is done with JP and i always love how she inspire me to come out with things out of the box.
Have always come out with amazing projects for her when we put our brains together and of cos not to forget my dear sis who always claims " i am a genius!" when she discovers how to use some of my ever growing SB tools.

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