Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just Try it - Paper Ribbons

Hello to all,  today what I will be sharing will be on how to  maximise the use of all those punches that we have been faithfully "collecting". Punches are great  My favourite next to anything butterflies would be punches. i understand that it can be so addictive to see  new punches every now and then and you simply have to get your hands on it.

Since June is a month of wedding and birthdays, and I would love to give my friends some handmade cards or gifts for that personal touch which seems to be a dying trend with the popularity of the Internet. 

This is what i have made using a card case holder and misted paper ribbons using the MS boarder punches.

First of all I covered a name card holder box which I have previously kept with Crafty Secrets Classic Paper collection. After which i decorated the box with the ribbon that i have made using the punchers and handmade flowers and a tag to go along.

You can see the original transparent card holder above and 2 of my favourite Martha Steward punches. Have decided today to only use the one on the left today, probably will show in another post how to use the other punches which creates the prettiest decorated boxes.

Tips: Use printers paper (normally what we use for printing our documents) as it is thinner and much easier to fold around the box. On top of it since it is white we can make the paper ribbons in any color we want by using any brand of mist we have at home.  
Have chosen to work with Tattered Angels mist and you can see from the picture how well the paper ribbons have immersed in the blue.

Hopefully after reading this you would not look at the boarder punches the same way and used it as many ways as possible making the most out of it.

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